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The Wilson company is an American company founded in 1913 which used to produce animal products for tennis racket strings, violin strings etc.

In 1915 the company reformed to move into the sports product arena which included footballs, basketballs and golf balls. It was not until after World War 2 that the Wilson sporting company developed its first line of tennis rackets (Jack Kramer).

In 1979 the US open first used Wilson tennis balls and it still uses them to this date. They are now also used in the Australian Open since 2006. Wilson tennis rackets now have some big tennis names associated with it including Serena and Venus Williams and one of the world's best player Roger Federer. Federer currently uses the BLX Six-One Tour model, the BLX range was launched in 2009 which replaced the previous K-Factor series with all new technology.

Wilson also produces a wide range of tennis shoes, tennis strings, clothing and tennis racket bags.

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In 1980 Wilson began manufacturing graphite tennis rackets which would help to make the sport more available to the recreational player. Graphite rackets were much lighter than the metal framed rackets, the heads were made larger (oversized) to help the average recreational player to produce more powerful shots, but at the same time keeping in control of the ball.

Wilson rackets are well known for their strength and stability, the nSix-One series make use of nano technology which helps to provide 20% stronger and more powerful frame. The Williams sisters use the Wilson W range of rackets for women. These are produced from a silicone and carbon construction which comes in a wide range of colourful designs. With the W range of rackets they not only improve your game but also are very fashionable.

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