Top Outdoor Table Tennis Tables

We all love to play table tennis! So why not play at home? Table tennis is a fantastic way of getting exercise and fresh air while having some great competitive fun. Table tennis is also a fantastic sport for working your mind. It requires good hand to eye coordination and helps develop fast reflexes while at the same time planning your next winning smash!

All our outdoor table tennis table are specially designed not to deteriorate whatever the English weather throws at it, but still allow the table to play as any professional table should. Not only is the top of the table protected from the sun, rain, snow & frost but also the frame of the table to prevent rust. We do still recommend using a protective cover to protect from dirt and bird mess so your table is ready play as soon as the cover is removed all year round.

Remember, all our outdoor table tennis tables fold away neatly, taking up very little space, making them suitable for almost all gardens shapes and sizes.

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