Tennis Shoes Guide

Tennis shoes look no different from other shoes at first sight and when it comes to buying a pair, you might be more at a loss as all tennis shoes might seem the same. To some extent that is true but there are some pointers which you can look for to ensure that the shoe is the right one for you.

The first thing to look at while buying a tennis shoe would be the sole. Tennis shoes usually have a flat sole with a repeated pattern that ensures a proper grip on the court. While buying, is possible try to slide it on the ground. A proper tennis shoe would make a squeaking sound. The next thing to look for is the heel cushion. Since tennis involves a lot of jumping, the heel cushion is important as it protects the heel from sudden jerks and impact. You can check if the cushion is soft enough buy merely pressing your palm against it. The ideal heel cushion is rather resistant but a larger force should depress it.

Tennis Shoes

While picking out a tennis shoe, make sure that the shoe is a size higher than what you measure. This is to ensure that your feet have enough breathing room and the fit is comfortable. Unlike running shoes, which are flexible at the nose and the middle, tennis shoes are rather stiff. This is to facilitate easier movement around the court, which involves sudden changes in direction.

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